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10 TRACK Full-Length LP (4 originials, 2 traditionals/covers, 2 instrumentals, a commentary track and a bonus track). Poly-wrapped in sleeve.

Track Listing:
1. The Glass of Beer (Arr. Ian Barksdale & Slimtronic5k)
2. Siren Song (Music by JJ Greer, Lyrics by Slimtronic5k)
3. Do You Love A Rounder (Written by Ian Barksdale)
4. Finnegan’s Wake (Arr. J. Patrick Lyons)
5. Polka In The Rear (Arr. Ian Barksdale & Slimtronic5k)
6. Looking For A Lassie (Written by Ian Barksdale)
7. Ol’ San Antone (Written by Slimtronic5k)
8. Fields of Athenry (Arr. Slimtronic5k & Jacob Whitlock)
9. BONUS TRACK – Molly Malone Demo Featuring The Bishop
10. BONUS TRACK – Album Commentary Featuring Tyler Kluesner

Recorded, mixed, mastered, and co-produced by Tyler Kluesner, House Immortal Recordings.
Produced by Slimtronicr5k, Imperium Creative Studio